Having lunch at MK restaurant in Bangkok

On Saturday or Sunday, we usually go shopping, for food mainly. And there are two places close to where we live in Bangkok, Big C Extra and Lotus Extra, facing each other on each side of Rama 4 (and I guess both supermarkets use the same marketing company that told them Extra was Extra ^^).

And when we go there during the weekend, we usually eat there also. So today we went to the Lotus side of Rama 4, for shopping, and for eating. And we decided to eat in MK, quite popular among Thai people.

Here we are, in the parking, on our way to the entrance of Tesco Lotus

And a few minutes later, we were in MK restaurant, waiting for the food to come and the water to boil. MK restaurants are indeed about food cooked in boiling water, quite healthy actually.

A bit of corn to make the waiting more bearable

Time to start adding some food in the water, vegetables and mushrooms first

And wait a bit for the water to boil

Ok, It is now boiling

So time to eat and practice our use of chopsticks. We are in Thailand, we generally do not use chopsticks here, only forks and spoons. But sometimes, we do use chopsticks, for noodles soup or hot pots as this one.

Another one, showing that we can even use chopsticks without looking 😀

And re-inventing the wheel in our spare time

Having fun anyway, it is the weekend after all

All the pictures were taken with a Canon 7D and a Canon lens 24-105mm