About “Farang Rak Thai” Photo Blog

I’m a European engineer working in Thailand for the past 17 years and I live in Bangkok with my wife and an Eurasian son. I love photography and this is what this Photo Blog is all about, showing you pictures taken in Thailand.

I started this Photo Blog and a few other blogs quite some time ago actually, but they were bilingual, French and English, and it was just too much work to post in two languages. And a bit confusing. So I kept one in English, this one, and started another one in French here http://eurasienthai.com/

So what camera(s) do I use?  After using a Canon 450D for quite some time, I switched to the Canon 7D with the Canon lens 24-105mm f1.4 L, the wide-angle lens 10-22mm,  the 50mm f1.4 and one of the best, for me, of Canon, the 135mm f2 L .

And in December 2013 I went for a full frame, the Canon 6D.


Last but not least, my mother tongue is French, so expect quite a few English mistakes in my writing…

And please note that all the photos are copyright and can’t be used without permission.

Thank you and I hope this Photo Blog will make you want to visit Thailand, you won’t be disappointed.

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