An evening in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is located 200 km south of Bangkok, a two to three hours drive by car, and has been one of the favourite beach destination for more than 70 years. In the 1920s, it was a small fishing village when it was discovered by King Rama IV and turned into a Royal Resort, ensuring its popularity among Thailand’s upper-class and nobility.

These days it is still a very nice place to go with nice beaches and plenty of hotels to choose from, my favourite being the Sofitel (actually one of my favourite in Thailand).

But besides the beaches, the sand and the sea, you also have in the evening a night market and a pretty active street life with quite a few bars and colourful people in the street, the subject of this posting.

I quite like walking in the streets in the evening or sitting outside a bar and taking pictures of the numerous street sellers and other interesting people.

This one was selling something he did not want me to take a photo of…

Selling roses to be offered to the ladies of the night and others.

Some of the street sellers come with their baby on their back

Some are pretty old

And not always selling anything, just there trying to get a bit of money by singing and begging in the streets, like this blind man with his helper.

And these young people are also not selling anything, I think,  but promoting ladyboys shows in Hua Hin

In conclusion, a place where you never get bored,day and night.