Animal photography in Bangkok with Canon 7D

Right, I’m talking about taking pictures of animals in Bangkok or in the various parks in and around Bangkok, not really tracking tigers in remote jungles in the North of Thailand. So it is more a tourist way of taking pictures when visiting Bangkok than the wildlife photographer scouting the forests hoping to catch a glimpse of an endangered species. And won’t be at the zoo, although for some of the photos, the animals were being bars. I actually do not like zoos sitting in the middle of a city, in a cramped environment, but I never visited the zoo in Bangkok, so I can’t comment about it.

Usually when going to a place where you have animals, and the animals are not too far away, you take a zoom with your camera and this is what I did for the first few photos that I posted before on this blog and that you will find here: Safari World in Bangkok, the Canon 24-105mm L f4. I could probably have used the canon 70-200mm in a few occasions but so far I do not have one, so the 24-105mm will have to do. On that particular entry, I forgot to mention that the high burst rate of the Canon 7D sure helped getting a photo of the dolphins when their bodies were parallel to the ground and they were looking like they were flying without wings.

Besides Safari World and the Bangkok zoo, there is another place where you have some animals, it is the Crocodile Farm. I mean some animals other than crocodiles but the place is much smaller than Safari World and hence, the feeling is not exactly the same. More like a normal zoo with visible bars and cages. And I’m not sure he animals there like it that much if the face this monkey is making is any indication.

They also have quite a few birds there, like this parakeet thinking it is an eagle while eating some seeds.

And a very colourful parrot that seems to know it is beautiful.

And besides the zoos and parks, animals that are quite common in Bangkok are the same as in any city in the world, dogs and cats. Although in Bangkok and all over Thailand, there is a kind of dog roaming freely on the streets in large numbers, the soi dog. Since they belong to no one and are not always fed, they can be in quite a sorry state when getting older (or even when not that old).

But some are doing OK, especially this one on a beach in Koh Samet, technically not a soi dog though, more like a beach dog.

And adopting them is not forbidden, what I did with this one that now lives a pretty comfortable life at my home. This photo was taken with the canon lens 50mm f1.4.

And helping protecting the house against thieves, sort of. Photo taken with Canon 135mm f2.

As for the cats, not many of them, I guess where you have armies of dogs in the streets, it is pretty difficult for a cat to find its place. This one is in a “protected” soi where no dogs are allowed.














And where there are lot of cars that will allow you to hide from the killing Bangkok midday sun.This photo was also taken with the Canon 135mm f2.

Here is an animal that you will see quite often in Bangkok, running on telephone lines in between the few Bangkok trees or in this case in the trees you can have in your garden in Bangkok. The squirrel was in our coconut tree and seemed quite fearful of the menacing leave hanging on the side of the trunk.

And last but not least, here is one that you can find INSIDE your house, as the one I caught in my kitchen as mentioned before here: the tokay gecko. A over sized gecko with a attitude.

An encounter with that one is probably the closest you can come in Bangkok to encountering a dangerous wild animal. They sure make you believe they’re dangerous although I doubt that with their very small teeth, they would be able to do much damage if they were biting you. But well, I have to say I did not try it 😀