Bangkok – About cars and taxis

Bangkok, The City of Angels. But also the City of Dull Cars.

Not only do you mainly see 3 car brands on the road, Toyota, Honda and Nissan (in this order) but you also mainly see white, black and all shades of gray in between, cars on the Bangkok roads (and some golden variations). Where are the green, blue, red, brown, orange, yellow,… cars? I mean the cars having some color, any color?

Even the odd Lamborghini seems to be just out of the “Dark Night” movie (did not see the movie but my son thought it was Batman in Bangkok and was pretty excited about it)

I had been asking myself this question for quite some time when the answer finally came to me. And the answer is so obvious that I just do not understand why it took me so long to figure it out. The answer is?

The Bangkok taxis

This is all part of a grand design for you to be able to easily find a taxi in the Bangkok traffic. Because, you see, the taxis in Bangkok are just the opposite of dull, they just shine in colors so bright that even the blind could see them in the traffic.

They’re blue, violet, yellow, green and yellow

And what other city do you know having so many pink taxis, if you know any?

And see the cars advertised by Honda next to Skytrain Surasak Station compared to the cars and taxis on Sathorn Road. The cars advertised are all white, the cars on the street are mostly grey, and the taxis are?

And last but not least, what are the cars adding some colors to these traffic jams (traffic stopped by the Thai police on the first one actually, VIP coming) on an elevated tollway in Bangkok?

The Bangkok taxis