Encounter with the feisty Tokay Gecko

We’ve got lot of geckos in our home in Bangkok, as in most homes in Thailand I guess. They’re the small type and pretty discreet, coming out at night from whatever place they are hiding during the day. So you just do not see them really often, but you like them, they get rid of the mosquitoes and other insects.

And from time to time, you meet one of their big brothers, the Tokay, when it has also decided to call your home his. We came across this one hiding behind the water fountain in the kitchen.

There was a bit of panic, it seems people are afraid to be bitten by this little fellow. And the Tokay makes sure you keep keep believing that, and that you keep a safe distance by having quite a feisty attitude.

I took my camera and came into the rescue mission. First I needed to find something to carry it, there was no way I was going to grab it. I do not know whether it is true that it can bite you, but I was sure not going to be the first one to find out.

So here comes the bucket, the pink bucket. That worried me a bit since I wanted to take pictures of it also and a Tokay in a pink bucket was maybe not such a good idea for a photo.  Well, never mind, at least it will be a colorful picture.

So I caught it, was not that easy, took me a few attempts, the little guy hissing at me the whole time. And I put it in the pink bucket for the photo session.

I have no macro lens so I used the Canon 7D with the Canon lens 24-105mm f1.4 L.

Here is the first picture, this is a 10 l bucket, so you can see that a Tokay gecko is really not that small, and you can also see it is pretty pissed off and still hissing at me.

And a bit of macro photography with the 24-105mm, really wanted to find out whether I could have been bitten. Does it have teeth? I let you judge

And after the photo session, I let it go. You can find quite a few outside, if you look carefully. On this older picture taken in 2008 with the Canon 450D, it is on a tree.

I heard that some people were keeping Tokays as pets, so if you want one, come to Bangkok.