Klong Toey Wet Market in Bangkok

Most ex-pats in Thailand, and I am no exception, buy their groceries and about everything else in big department stores. In my case, this is usually in Carrefour on Rama 4 or in Tesco Lotus, just in front of Carrefour. I find it convenient, like most people I guess, since you’ll find everything under one roof.

But talking about finding everything you need under one “roof”, if what you require is fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes, seafood…, nothing beats the Klong Toey wet market, just a stone’s throw away from Carrefour, on Rama 4.

This is a huge wet market and you’ll find everything you need for preparing your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also quite a few things you’re probably not used to eat. And probably never will.

Prices are very often displayed and speaking Thai is not absolutely necessary for you to be able to shop there, just learn how to count up to one hundred since most items will cost you less than that.

I’ll just post a few pictures that give you a glimpse of the market. Photos were taken a bit more than one year ago with a Nikon D90. But I went there two weeks ago, without a camera, and it sure did not change much. Next time, I’ll go with the Canon 7D in order to give you another glimpse of that market. A place you should visit.

The vegetables. And the prices are indeed well displayed.

And the shoes

This is Thailand, so you’ll find many stands selling a wide variety of chili pepper

The ducks

And their dead cousins

The pork

And the seafood and fishes. The squid

And the fish

These ones, not too sure how to qualify them, is it seafood? Sure not pets anyway on that market.

And in case you do not believe that the food is fresh on this market, here is a short clip, with the moving fishes and the big frogs being slaughtered