Thailand Photo Blog – Canon 450D and Canon 7D

I live in Thailand and love photography, so it seems to make sense to have a photo blog about Thailand. I started it quite a long time ago actually, but was bilingual French and English and it was just too much work to post in two languages. So remains only one, in English. My son is in Kindergarten in the French school and learning to speak English already, so I think should be no problem for French speaking people.

So, let’s start it with what camera I use.  Or should I say, what cameras.

I had many in the past, from the Canon AE1 to the compact Canon Ixus cameras (still have one), to the DSLR cameras

These days, it is mainly these 2 cameras, the Canon 450D and the Canon 7D

Canon 450D and Canon 7D side by side

Well, as you can see, one is a bit bigger than the other. Got the 450D first and upgraded to the 7D afterward.

I use mainly the Canon 7D with the Canon lenses EF24-105mm L (as pictured above), the EFS 10-22mm and the 50mm f1.4,  while my wife mainly uses the Canon 450D with the kit lens 17-55mm (as pictured above)

So you’ll find photos taken with both cameras on this Photo Blog.

And well, there will probably be more lenses in the future, like the 70-200mm or a macro lens…