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Songkran fun on Khao San road in Bangkok

It is the first time in years that we are in Bangkok for Songkran, we usually go to Mukdahan , so what to do in Bangkok?

After some research online, two streets are where the fun is, Khao San road and Silom road. Silom road is close to where we live, but no temples there, so let’s go to Khao San road and visit a few Wat first.

Songkran 2015_eurasian Thai and mum_wat_temple_bangkok

Next, taking a tuk tuk to Khao San road. They sure keep their mirrors pretty clean.

Songkran 2015_portrait of tuk tuk driver

A bit of shooting before going to Khao San road, just practicing.

Songkran 2015_Khao san road_eurasian spaying water on a farang

And here we are, going to Khao San road, with a bit of security, but nice one.

Songkran 2015_Khao san road_police at the entrance

Once inside, at least for the first part of the street, the crowd was not too heavy. It got much heavier second part of the street, so heavy in fact that I could not take any picture anymore.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_the crowd

Songkran 2015_Khao San road

And we could practice our shooting skills, we kind of forget for one year to another.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_eurasian Thai with Thai kid

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_eurasian Thai

Water guns need water and when you’re busy firing all the time, the water in your gun is gone pretty fast. So, what can you do? Go to one of the many refill stations on the road.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_eurasian refilling the water gun

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_refilling the water gun

It will cost you 5 Baht

Songkran 2015_khaosan_bangkok_refill station

And you’re ready to shoot again, and being shot at.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_eurasian thai having fun

Anywhere you go, there is water coming at you, even from elevated platforms where some girls hose water on you.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_girls throwing water

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_girls hosing water on people walking

And well, if you want some beer there, it is available.

Songkran 2015_Khao San road_girl selling beer

Teamwork is best if you want to make sure the people you’re aiming at will get very wet.

Songkran 2015_Khao san road_three gunmen

I was using the Canon 6D with the Canon lens 24-105mm for these pictures, it is supposed to be weather-proof, but I was not expecting that 😀

Songkran 2015_Khao san road_thai girls having fun

A bit of white powder here and there also.

Songkran 2015_khao san road_white powder on eurasian face

Overall a fun day


Songkran 2015_happy eurasian thai_bangkok

Let’s do it again next year.