Do Thai girls smoke and drink?

I mean drink alcoholic beverages.

But let’s start with smoking. So far I have never seen any Thai girl, of any age, smoking. Maybe some do but they do it in a place where nobody can see them, hear them or smell them. And it is a pretty good place to hide because I never found it.

As for drinking, I would not be as categorical, especially in Bangkok. So let’s say they usually do not drink, and if they do, it is for special occasions and in very limited quantities. Quite a few of them are even allergic to it actually.

The “heaviest” drinkers are from the young generation in Bangkok,  which is, today, the same as any young generation in any part of this world, go to any bar catering to the young and well-off in Bangkok, and you’ll see girls drinking almost as much as the boys.

And you have the outsider category, the Thai girls married to foreigners, they did not drink, but we taught them that, in limited quantities, it can be good for health, especially wine or scotch, makes the blood thinner and helps your heart (I said in limited quantities)

So here is my birthday coming and a few friends coming to the party at my place. I would have chosen wine as the main drink but, for most, they’re not used to the taste, they were either married to guys from a small island off the European coast, or to Thai guys, and I would have been left drinking it alone. Not that it would have been such a hardship, but not too polite either.

So we invited Johnnie to the party

And here come the small glasses and the toast, one glass for the guest, one glass for me.

Was the only straight shot that was drunk by the Thai female guests, they switched to a mixture of lemon schweppes, lime, and scotch,  the scotch part being pretty little in the mix.

So they can drink quite a few while the guest of honor, the one celebrating his birthday, just can not stomach scotch mixed with schweppes, and had to stick to straight shots.

Conclusion, indeed Thai girls do not drink much, but a few of them toasting with you make for quite a substantial amount of scotch to drink….

So next time, forget Johnnie, we’ll invite Rothschild and his “Château”. And we will sure still enjoy the smiles in the Land Of Smiles :)


The photos were taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 24-105mm.