Dreamworld in Bangkok

This Sunday, we went to Dreamworld, a theme park located close to the old international airport of Bangkok, the Don Mueang airport. So quite easy to reach for downtown Bangkok, just take the elevated highway to the old airport and take the exit to Nakon Nayok, a few km after the airport (where Future Park is located). From the exit, it is about 7 km East, on the right side of the road,which means you’ll need to make a U-turn once you see it on your right in order to go there (there is not right turn in front of it).

This is both an amusement park and a park, so besides the rides, you also have gardens and a small lake. For more details, you can find their website here: Dreamworld in Bangkok

This Sunday, it was quite packed, first time we had to queue that long for getting the tickets, and of course, if it takes you a long time to get the tickets, chances are it will take you quite some time to get on a ride also. And indeed it took longer than usual, although not as long as you might think it would. Quite a few people, me included, buy the basic package with no prepayment of the rides, so quite a few people actually just walk there, accompanying other people (you still can go on a ride, but have to pay at the booth next to it).

So, now time for us the go, the ticket in hand.

Quite a few rides require you to be taller than 1.4m but not the first one we went to, the Speedy Mouse

This is not as fast as the big ones are, but still fun.

But of course, what most teenagers look for is the thrill of the big ones, like the Hurricane. Waiting for the ride to start.

And enjoying the ride, some anyway.

There are two other ones that are quite a thrill, the Sky Coaster

And the Vikings

Although this one looks a bit less scary than the Hurricane or the Sky Coaster

One of the favourite of many, if only because of the searing heat we are subjected to, year long, in Bangkok, is the Super Splash. last Sunday was sure no exception and the queue was pretty long to get on the ride. And it is a pretty short one actually. You go up on a boat, and you come down.

And as the name of the ride indicates, it makes a big splash.

You can buy some plastic sheet before the ride, so that you are at least partially protected. But experience shows that it is not as effective as it should be.

These are the main attractions but plenty of other ones, like Go Kart, Thunderbird, Spider,… As well as some clowns, magicians and giant bunnies walking there so that you can take a picture with them, something Asian people seem quite fond of doing.

Some people even go there not really for the rides, but to take pictures in the gardens or with fictional characters roaming the streets. This is what this guy in front of me was doing, with his Nikon and a group of ladyboys.

And here is one of the models

Cinderella was there also

So, another fun Sunday in Bangkok, and a very hot one, I think we’re getting close to the end of the rainy season.

All the photos were taken with a Canon 7D and the Canon lens 135mm f2