Evening portrait of a Thai Eurasian with Canon 6D and 50mm f1.4

I explained before why I went from the Canon 7D to the Canon 6D, it is here. And it is basically because I like taking portraits, I like taking them without a flash, and I like to take them indoors and in the evening. So I need a camera that can handle high ISO settings without noticeable noise, what the canon 7D can’t really do. And of course, you can really have a small DOF with the 6D, not so easy with the cropped sensor of the 7D.

case in point, here are a few pictures taken in the evening with the Canon 6D and the Canon lens 50mm f1.4. The first two are portraits of my son doing his homework in the evening, dark outside but normal lighting inside. I did not even had to push the ISO, only 500 for these two pictures.


There is actually a light in front of him that reinforces a bit the darkness at the back.


The next two were taken when relaxing after completing the homework, and watching Thai cartoons on the iPad. Very little light in that room, so the ISO is up to 1000.


Same for the next one, also watching the iPad, but trying not to dirty the screen of the tablet. We all know that after some time, the screen has so much dirt on it, that the screen can’t really be called a retina screen anymore. The solution? Use a glove 😀


As mentioned on top, the four pictures were taken with a Canon 6D and the Canon lens 50mm f1.4., a combination that I recommend for portrait photography in a low light environment.