Flowers in your garden in Bangkok

Besides many other things, what makes Thailand a nice place to live is the weather. What wakes you up in the morning, every day, the sun shining through the window. Sure you have rainy days but the rain is very seldom in the morning and usually does not last for very long. And a sunny warm climate is ideal for flowers, which makes me wonder, sometimes, why you do not see more flowers in Thailand, and in Bangkok. It is not like it is really hard work to grow them and to maintain them. And it sure would make Bangkok look far better if flowers were more the rule than the exception. Go to Singapore and see what they did there with a similar climate and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Anyway, I for one maintain quite a few flowers and trees where I live in downtown Bangkok and just love it. Especially the orchids that are so “easy” to grow in Thailand that it would be a shame not to grow any in your garden.

This one does not bloom often and does not last very long. Interesting orchid. Reminds me of the Men In Black movie with some sort of little violet alien coming out of a yellow alien.

Here is another one with a small “dog” jumping out of the orchid

And the more common one, that you can buy in any supermaket for quite a cheap price. One of the main export of Thailand also.

We also have white flowers in the garden, they like the rain and look better after it.

And here are tiny violet ones in a sea of green leaves

Flowers are nice but we should not forget the trees, papaya trees, mango trees, banana trees and well, coconut trees, the only tree I have in the garden in Bangkok. The garden is just too small to accommodate more than one big tree.

And here it is, with its coconuts load, from a distance.

And a close-up of the coconuts that we hope, will fall soon…

And let’s not forget God flowers. ลีลาวดี in Thailand , Dok champa in Laos (one of the national symbol), kemboja in Indonesia, the plumeria flower. Its tree is considered by some as the refuge for ghosts and demons and is usually found in temples in Thailand. The flowers are offered to the Gods in Bali. Also called Frangipani or frangipanier in French in honor of an Italian guy who first made perfume with it.

This photo was taken with the Canon 7D and  Canon lens 24-105mm while the others were taken with the Canon 450D.

And the last photo is an orchid trying to escape my neighbour garden, photo taken with the canon 7D and the portrait lens Canon 135mm f2