Going to a Samsung shop in Bangkok

It is the weekend again, and as I said on my last posting, we’re usually going out on weekends, for lunch and for fun. And well, fun in Bangkok is usually going to a department store. Lot of restaurants and lot of shops, fun indeed.

When I go out, wherever I go, I always take the Canon 7D with me. It actually upset my wife from time to time, why do you take the camera? It is heavy and you do not take pictures most of the time. Well, I know I don’t but I want to be sure I have it with me if I see any picture worth taking. So here we are on our way to Central Rama 3 in Bangkok with the Canon 7D and the Canon 24-105mm. And well, taking a picture of the camera with the lens in the mirror of the passenger car.

Cars are usually quite new on Bangkok roads, people change them every 4-5 years but from time to time, you still see the old pick-up truck that probably would not be allowed to be in the road in many countries.

Once in Central Rama 3, we first had a look around, nice aquarium

Ready to go

We went to a Samsung phone shop, we had to buy a phone for a friend.

The big thing these days is the Samsung Galaxy III, trying to outsell or at least catch up with the Iphone 4S and now Iphone 5

Here we are, inside the shop, trying the different models. First the Samsung Galaxy III

We also tried the Samsung tablet. Being the phone or the tablet, the kids could use them without having to think much. They are used to the Iphone and the Ipad, so I guess not much difference in between Apple and Samsung (android), as far as easiness of use is concerned. For what I could see, the games they were playing on the phone and the tablet were also the same as the ones they play on the Apple products.

We did not buy any but it is not at all a judgment on the quality of the Samsung products, just that we have no real use for them. We, by the way, also have a Samsung Galaxy II and I can comment on this one, the Iphone is better. 😀

After that, having lunch in MK restaurant , same as last weekend, and went back home afterwards.

All pictures were taken with a Canon 7D and a Canon lend 24-105mm