Going to Paragon Siam Ocean World in Bangkok

Siam Ocean World has been open for quite some time actually but I never went there, not sure why. I guess that when you live in Bangkok, you just do no visit Bangkok, same is true for wherever you live, I think.

Anyway, better late than never, so we decided to go there today and here we go. We did not take the car, we just walked to the Skytrain station, Siam Paragon is very easy to access from Siam station, a direct access actually. Walking is nice but once you’re off the main roads in Bangkok, no sidewalks available, and you’d better walk on the right side of the road so that you can see the cars and motorbikes coming at you. Obviously not everybody does that…

We took the train at the Thonglor station, I posted a link to the map of the stations before here . So time to get our tickets for the ride. You’ve got machines giving you the tickets, look for the price, push on the button with the right price, slide in the coins, and here comes your ticket, and the change.

Payment machine for the BTS

Waiting for the train to come. You do not really have long to wait actually, pretty efficient.

Eurasian waiting for the skytrain

And we’re quite happy to be back to a nice, cool environment, not that it is that hot these days in Bangkok, but still better in the skytrain. And did you notice that everywhere you go in Bangkok these days, everybody is looking at his/her phone? Except us, that is, much better to have a look at what is happening. Or taking pictures of what is happening.

Eurasian in Bangkok skytrain

Sitting in Bangkok skytrain

Out in Siam station, like most people since i is the interchange with the Silom line. And only one station left after Siam, Stadium, the one that you go to if you one to go the well known shopping Mall MBK. And Siam Paragon is just in front of the station.

Siam Paragon in Bangkok

You need to go down for the Ocean World, and you’re reminded that Siam Paragon is not the cheapest shopping center in Bangkok, quite the contrary actually, so you’d better take some cash. The ATM machines are waiting for you.

ATM machines in Siam Paragon

If you need some information, it is available on the ground floor. Look dad, this is the movie that I went to watch yesterday “The Badabook”.

Siam Paragon entrance

And finally, we reached the right floor, Ocean World is underground. First thing first, paying the admission fee. It is not cheap by Thai standards but considering the size of the place, and the location, probably cheaper than what it costs to maintain it.

Admission fees for Ocean World

Once there, it is pretty dark, so I went to 1000 ISO with the Canon 6D but still had to go down to a speed of 1/10 to 1/20th of a second with the Canon lens 24-105mm. So do not expect the pictures to be sharp, the fishes are not that slow. Case in point is when I took a picture of the fast otters.

Otters in Ocean World

Besides the main attraction, which is the huge main aquarium and the tunnel under it, there are many smaller aquariums with a wide variety of fishes and creatures of the sea. Here is one with an octopus.

Octopus in Ocean World

And another one with a few stingrays.

Stingray in Ocean World

Watching fishes is relaxing, so there are many places where you can sit, in the dark, and just watch the sea life.

Watching fishes in Ocean World

Some are quite colourful, like the Mermaid’s Garden

Ocean world in Bangkok

The best known part of the Ocean World is the tunnel that goes through the biggest aquarium, but this is actually a small part of the exhibition.

Ocean world tunnel

Interesting anyway to be surrounded by water although a bit scary. Dad, can it break? I hope not.

Eurasian in Ocean world tunnel

And the star of the show is?

Shark in Ocean world aquarium

You’ll notice that the shark swims pretty slowly compared to the fishes, it is the only one a bit clear on a photo taken at 1/20th of a second.

Shark in Ocean world

So overall, a well thought and maintained place that deserves to be visited. I would not have minded staying a little longer actually, sit and watch the fishes for some time, but not really possible when you go with a kid from the digital generation. Everything has to be fast and so was the visit.

So after about one hour there, time to go back. Same way, taking the Skytrain again. It was during the weekend, in the afternoon, but you’ll notice that it is still quite full, with people standing and looking at heir smartphones again.

Inside bangkok skytrain

Walking back home. Did you notice that there were more graffiti these days in Bangkok? At least the sidewalks are nice there, next to Thonglor station, not always the case.

Eurasian walking on Sukhumvit

All the pictures were taken with a Canon 6D and the Canon lens 24-105mm f4.  And, as mentioned before, at a very low shutter speed while visiting the Ocean World.