Having a drink and dinner on the top of the third tallest Bangkok building, the State Tower

A few days ago, I was invited for dinner in one of the restaurants of the Lebua hotel, the hotel that is part of the State Tower in Bangkok. The State Tower is the third tallest building (so far) in Bangkok, having 68 floors and culminating at 247 m, where the Dome is.

State Tower in Bangkok

So before having dinner, I went first to the Sky bar, located on the 64th floor and where you can have a drink while having a panoramic view of Bangkok. Lot of people there and quite a strict dress code, so do not go with flip-flops, they won’t let you in.

View from The Sirocco at Lebua hotel

There are a few restaurants on the top floor, one inside, in the Dome, and one outside, The Sirocco. It looks private but it is not really, lot of people at the sky bar in front of it ( I unfortunately did not get a good photo of it).

The Sirocco at Lebua hotel

Some of the tables area more private, to a certain extent, they are on the side of the building, but still pretty close to the sky bar. It is anyway pretty dark in the evening, so that helps as far as privacy is concerned. And nice view.

Table at The Sirocco in Lebua hotel

This is not the cheapest place in town, by far, but reasonable considering the location and the view.

Lebua hotel Bangkok

This is not where I had dinner, it was a few floors down, on the 52th floor. When out of the lift, you will access the restaurant by walking on a bridge.

The way to the Breeze in Lebua hotel

A bridge that is changing colour, here is the purple version.

Going to the Breeze in Lebua hotel

You can have big tables there but also small ones, same as in The Sirocco, but much more private, less people. And the view is as good as in The Sirocco.

Table at the Breeze in Lebua hotel

One thing that you can’t really feel by looking at the pictures unfortunately, is the breeze, hence the name of the restaurant. There is quite a nice wind cooling you down and making the place, with the view, one on the most enjoyable place to have dinner outside, in Bangkok.

All the pictures, except the first one, were taken by the Canon 6D and the Canon lens 24-105mm at 24mm, hence a bit of distortion here and there.