International Schools in Bangkok – Singapore International School

We talked about International Schools in Bangkok before and more specifically about the Lycée Français International de Bangkok ( International Schools in Bangkok ).

The French School is the school where our son studies but there are other choices that could be worth studying further. And the Singapore International School of Bangkok is one of them.

A Singapore International School in Bangkok, you say? Are there enough Singaporeans in Bangkok to warrant the need of a Singaporean School? Well, obviously, there is, since they’re building a new, huge, Singapore International School just in front of the French School in Bangkok. The reason I know about it.

And one of the building is finished already, waiting for students to register

We lived in Singapore for about 10 years and one thing we can say for sure, about Singapore, is that the quality of education is not too shabby. Probably one of the best in the region, if not the best. And not only because they teach you one of the language very much in demand these days, Mandarin.

I don’t know why they choose to build their school just in front of the French school since the road is not that wide. On the left is the Singaporean school, on the right is the French school.

We already get some traffic jam today, so it can only get worse when they will be fully operational.

Here is a view of the road from the walking path on the “French side”.

And for the people who know Singapore, they added quite a nice touch to the design of their new school, a replica of Singapore Merlion, a small one

So, in conclusion, it is sure worth considering. I have no information about the curriculum or the fees, so you’ll need to look for that by yourselves.  And the location is in Ladprao where snakes still have some place to roam… 😀

And this last remark was not a joke actually. It seems some snakes are keen to learn French and sneaked in the school sometimes.  They were always spotted before they could cause any harm but it reminds you that Bangkok is a tropical city, and snakes are still very much part of the landscape.