International schools in Bangkok and Lycée Français International

There are many international schools in Bangkok, some good, some not that good, but they all have something in common, they’re expensive. So you need to do a bit of research before deciding what school to send your kid to.

So I did and the best English speaking schools are Patana School, NIST and ISB. They’re pretty expensive but provide first-class education to your kids. In English and English only. That bothered me a bit, I’m French speaking and well, kids do not really learn French in an English speaking school.

So here comes another choice, the French school in Bangkok, i.e. the Lycée Français International de Bangkok. I’m French speaking but I’m not French, so this is not such a straightforward decision to put my son in that school located in Ladprao in Bangkok.

But we eventually decided it was best for him to go to the French school for the following reasons:

1. Cultural and linguistic reasons

Since we live in Thailand and his mother is Thai, his mother tongue and primary/dominant language is Thai. His second language is English since his parents speak together in English and he went to an English school for his  first year in kindergarten. His third language is French since his father is French speaking and I have been speaking in French to him since the day he was born. But well, I do not really speak to him that often comparatively to the people he speaks to in Thai and in English, this is therefore his weakest language. And I pretty much thought that if he does not go to the French school, he will never really know French and French culture, the first reason for us to choose the Lycée Français.

2. Level of education

There are many Thai schools and many English schools in Bangkok but what is the level of education in these schools? Except for the top English ones like Pattani School, NIST or ISB, this is extremely difficult for us to assess the level. But it is pretty easy to assess the level at the French school since they follow the same curriculum as in France, with an stronger emphasis on languages in Bangkok. They have bilingual classes, French/English, and classes with additional learning in Thai for the Thai kids. A second reason to go to the Lycée Français.

Kid running in Lycée Français de Bangkok

3. The costs

If you choose the English curriculum and want to make sure you receive the best level of education, you’ll have to go to one of the top schools I just mentioned before. They’re very good and… very expensive, far more expensive than the French school.  Sure education has no price but still… A third reason for us to put our kid in the Lycée Français de Bangkok.

So the conclusion is, he has been going to the French school for more than one year now and made quite good progress in French. The funny thing is, with the progress in French, he also made progress in Thai and English. Not too sure whether it is because he is getting older or just because the more languages he learns, the better his brain gets at handling languages.

Maternelles au Lycée Français de Bangkok

Lycée Français de Bangkok - Kids walking

All the pictures shown before were taken with the Canon 450D. But here is a recent update, the Christmas party at the Lycée Français International de Bangkok last Friday. Photos taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 24-105mm.

His Mom sorting out some snacks for him

And he sure was pretty happy during the party

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