Koh Samet – Beach couples

Beaches in Thailand are quite popular and for good reasons, you’ve got the sun, the white sand, the clear waters, the Thai food…

And sharing it all with your better half, or/and your family makes it even more enjoyable.

Last time I was in Koh Samet, I went there with family and took quite a few pictures of couples, a very diversified bunch I have to say.

All the photos taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 24-105mm f4 L

My daughter and her boyfriend first. Somebody seems to be looking forward to welcoming them in the sea

The same with an intruder

Young Asian couple having a walk on the beach in the evening, my guess would be Singaporeans.

The “I take care of my body” type so that I can walk on the beach showing off in the evening. Do you look at me?

The couple that does not really care much about what others are thinking, and why should they?

And last but not least, the seemingly odd couple