Koh Samet – Beach girls

As we said in our last post Koh Samet – The beach , we recently went to one of our favourite beach on Samet island, the Wong (or Vong) Duean beach.

I’m more into photography than into getting a suntan but a beach is really the perfect place for both activities. So here are photos of female tourists getting a suntan and doing quite a bit of photography also.

Let’s start with one who was with me, i.e. my daughter.

She desperately wants to get a suntan but unfortunately, or fortunately says my wife, it does not really seem to come easily for her.

Same for this French girl, also having difficulty getting a suntan.

Or these ones

But for this one, who was spending countless hours sunbathing, it did not really seem to be a problem to get a nice suntan

And I was not the only one taking photos on the beach,  quite a few girls were also doing it. These two girls took hundreds of photos. Of each other.  But they did not really get much suntan either.

Same for these two

Western girls next to the sea on Wong Duean beach on Koh Samet in Thailand

A bit of macro photography, plenty of small crabs on the beach

And when come the evening, and the sun is on its way out, the Asian girls come out, for them one motto only, no suntan, please.

The Latina type walking to the sea

And enjoying some ice cream in the late afternoon