Koh Samet – Wong Duean beach

I recently went to one of my favourite beach in Thailand, Wong Duean beach located in the middle of the East coast of Samet island. Here is a photo taken on the Wong Duean beach that show all the beaches, Wong Duean is Wong Duern on the map, right, the difficulty of translating Thai into English.

Koh Samet is about 200 km away from Bangkok, a two hours drive up to Ban Phe, South of Rayong, where boats will be waiting for you for the short trip to the island. You can leave you car in the many parking lots next to the Pier, for 4 days, I paid Baht 240.

There are 2 piers, Pier 1 where you can take boats going straight to the beach you want to go and Pier 2 where boats go to the main pier on Samet island. You have slow boats, Baht 50/person for the trip (45 minutes) and speedboats, about Baht 1250/person (20 minutes). You really have to like speedboats to pay 25 times more.

Here is the departure from Pier 2 in Ban Phe. Do not take heavy suitcases since you will need to carry them to the boat. Or find somebody to carry them for you :)

And the boat will bring you to  Samet island Pier

When you’re there, you’re still nowhere, not on your beach anyway. And you will need to take a taxi to reach the beach where your hotel is. What taxi? Right, in most cities in Thailand, there is no taxi, and Koh Samet is no exception. But do not despair, there is always the reliable pick-up truck.

And you will need to stop on the way to the beach in order to pay your entrance fee to Koh Samet National Park. Koh Samet is indeed a national Park and rightly so, I should say. Here are the fees, on the left, in Thai, for the Thai visitors, not many actually, and on the right, in English, for the foreign visitors.

It is possible to avoid all this (I mean the pick-up truck, not the entrance fee), and go straight to the beach, but no that many boats and expect to get your feet wet if you go from Pier 1 straight to your hotel on the beach, no pier there. A small boat will take you from the bigger boat to the beach.

Your luggage will be brought to the beach on a small Thai tractor that is normally used by rice farmers use in Isaan

And they use a bigger one to carry supplies to the few hotels on the beach

We were staying in Samet Cabana hotel, in a small bungalow sitting right on the beach (Baht 2,800/night including breakfast).  It is on the left end side of Wong Duean beach where the beach end on some small rocks.

And here is the hotel we chose there, with the bungalows on the beach.

The seats of the Samet Cabana restaurant and the beach

And why do most people go to that beach?

To get a nice suntan and buying balloons from a beach vendor

You can also buy some grilled chicken from beach vendors

And also enjoy the crystal clear sea water

And to have fun. We sure loved it

A few more postings and more photos taken on Wong Duean beach will come later.

And for the French speaking people, here is a French version here