Learning to ice skate in Bangkok

Well, you would think Bangkok is not the place to learn how to ice skate, or to ice skate actually. It is just too hot for that. But actually there are many places where you can do it, and they all are a welcome relief from Bangkok heat.

We chose one that is not very far from where we live (in Thonglor area), just one stop away on the BTS route, Ekkamai BTS station.


Another view from Ekkamai station

Ekkamai BTS station

So here is the chronology of events. First going to Thonglor station

Thonglor BTS station

And taking the train to Ekkamai, one station only

Sky train in Thonglor BTS station

Once in Ekkamai station, you’ve got an overpass to the building where the Ice Skating Club is located

Overpass in Ekkamai

And the fun can begin, although when you’re a beginner in ice skating, it is not that much fun actually.

eurasien_ice skating_bangkok

sub zero club_bangkok

But it gets better with time

eurasian_ice skating_bangkok

And well, within two hours, you’re almost there

eurasian sakting_bangkok

eurasian skating_bangkok

But it sure will take some time before I reach the level of these guys playing hockey

Learning hockey on ice in Bangkok

All the photos were taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 24-105mm in the Sub Zero Ice Skate Club in Ekkamai