Isaan Life – Mukdahan markets

Mukdahan is a small city in the North East of Thailand (Isaan), next to the Mekong river and Savannakhet in Laos.

Here is a bird view eye of it, taken from the hill overlooking the city, Phu Narom

This is where my wife is from and we have a house there. So we go as often as we can, if only for one reason, we just love the markets in Mukdahan. There is always a market for you to go to, whatever the time of the day.

The well-known Indochina Market , along the Mekong river, open during the day and where you can find a bit of everything.

But what is nice is actually the walk along the Mekong. With a view on the Laos city in front, Savannakhet.

Open earlier is the wet market where you’ll find lot of vegetables and lot of food, some of it pretty strange.

And in the evening, the main street of Mukdahan is closed to traffic and you have the night market

Where you’ll find some clothes, CDs, shoes…

But the night market is mainly about food, plenty of food stalls selling nice and cheap food