Mukdahan – The Tower and the Origin of Mukdahan People

Mukdahan is in the North East of Thailand, called Isaan, and is located 170 km north of Ubon Ratchathani and 55 km south of That Phanom. From Bangkok, by car, it will take you about 8 hours to cover the 700 km. The roads are good, 4 lanes for the most part of the trip, and if you have no car or do not wish to drive, you can also take a bus. The bus starts from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. They have day buses or night buses and it will take you approximately the same amount of time to reach Mukdahan. You can also fly to Ubon, there is a few flights every day from Bangkok airport (Thai Airways and Air Asia). But once you’re in Ubon airport, you’ll still have to cover the last 170 km by car or bus.

And as you can see on some of the other postings, Mukdahan is next to the Mekong river that marks the border with Laos and faces Laos second biggest city, Savannakhet. The 2 cities are connected by the Thai-Lao second friendship bridge over the Mekong river.

And now, the main subject, of this posting, the Mukdahan Tower, seen at the bottom right of this photo taken from Phu Narom hill.

The Mukdahan Tower, called Ho Kaeo Mukdahan, was built in 1996 in honor of the 50th anniversary of HM the King accession to the throne. You can reach it quite easily via the main road.

The tower is 65.5m in height and has 7 floors.

The floor that is the most visited is the sixth floor, the observation desk where you can have a view of Mukdahan from all directions

A  view of the Mekong river and Savannakhet in Laos.

And the other side, with the Grand Hotel of Mukdahan at a distance (the white building)

And besides the 6th floor and the nice view, I found the second floor quite interesting also, there is a small museum that explains the origin of the Mukdahan people. Besides Thailand, quite a few actually came from Laos, Vietnam and China. The map shows the routes that brought various ethnic groups to Mukdahan during the reign of King Rama III.

And these different ethnic groups that make Mukdahan a unique multi-ethnic hub in the North East of Thailand are: Thai I-san, Phu Thai, Kha, Saek, Yo, Kula, and Kaloeng

And if you want to stay in Mukdahan for a few nights, the Ploy Palace hotel is quite nice, with free internet. And it is next to a small reservoir with a walking track around it, for the people who feel like running in the morning.

All the photos were taken with the Canon 450D. I actually did not get the time to go to Mukdahan since I bought the Canon 7D.  So expect more photos in the future. With the 7D.