My favourite photos taken with Canon 24-105mm in Thailand

I have been using the Canon 24-105mm for quite some time, it actually very seldom leaves the Canon 7D. I usually take photos in the streets of Bangkok and it suits me well for that purpose.

But it does not mean that I only take pictures in the streets of Bangkok with it, so here is a short (very short)  summary of the the photos I took in Bangkok, so far, with the Canon 24-105mm.

First, the portraits, I actually love portraits, the reason I bought the Canon 135mm f2 . My favourite? Little one eating a Thai favourite, khao phad gai (fried rice with chicken). And you can see on his face that it is, indeed, a favourite.

And well, as far as close-up portraits are concerned, here are two of them,  a friend of his Mom and his Mom.

And besides people, you sure can get nice portraits of animals. This one is my favourite, photo taken in the Crocodile Farm, where some of the animals seem to have a blast.

And this nice looking parrot.

So now time to get the portrait from a distance, the full body portrait. Starting with a birthday bash, mine actually, last year.

The snow in Europe, in winter, sure thrilling for Bangkok people

After a hot Christmas in Bangkok

Back to Bangkok, get in the car instead of taking pictures!

And a bit of action now, Songkran in  the North East of Thailand, called Isaan, having fun throwing water on people coming next to you.

And a jump to Preah Vihear temple in Cambodia, the one that is a bit straining the relations in between Thailand and Cambodia. Or is it a copy in Siam Park?

And run Forrest, run

Now hiding a bit

At noon time, on a low traffic road next to Mukdahan in Isaan

The last one for today was taken on Rama 4 in Bangkok, the bench at a bus stop used as a bed by a homeless guy.

And well, the football action taken with the Canon 24-105mm can be found here

Football action

I could post many others but you’ll find them by browsing this website.