Nicest Buddha Images in Thailand

I call them the nicest but it is very subjective, so let’s just say some of the nicest for me. And well, some of the biggest. I could post pictures of quite a few I like but I’ll limit myself to showing three of them.

First, in Bangkok, the Buddha image lies down in a temple everybody should visit. And quite a few do, it is actually the most visited temple in Bangkok. And the oldest. Wat Pho. It has the biggest reclining Buddha, 46m long and 15m high as well as the biggest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, with 394 of them in the galleries linking the chapels. It was also the center for public education and was built in the 16th century and restored in 1781.

And now, let’s move from Bangkok to Sukhothai. Sukhothai is about 450 km from Bangkok and was the first capital city of Thailand from the middle of the 13th century up to the end of the 14th century. It is considered the golden age of the Thai civilization. Today what remains of the former glory is an historical park of 45 km2 with temples and monuments, quite well restored.

And of all the temples there, there are two I personally prefer. The first one is Wat Si Chum

Wat Si Chum is located at the north-west of the old city and you’ll find there a 15 m statue of Buddha called the “Phra Atchana”. There are also ancient drawings on the ceiling of the mandapa surrounding the Buddha, telling the stories of the former incarnations of the Buddha (Jatakas) but they’re not accessible to the public.

Here is the entrance

And here is Phra Atchana

And the second one is in Wat Saphan Hin.

Wat Saphan Hin is located west of the old city, about 2 km away. It is on the top of a small hill 200 m high. The name of the Wat, “Stone Bridge”, comes from the stone path you have to take to reach the Wat. There is little left of the original Wat, only the 12.5 m Buddha statue is still there. But taking the stone path is kind of fun.

And here is the 12.5m Buddha image. And well, if 12.5m is not that big, it is still pretty imposing for a little boy.

And when you’ll go there, do not wear flip-flops