Portrait with Canon lens 135mm f2

As explained in one of my last entry on this blog:

Canon lens 135mm f2 on a Canon 7D in Bangkok

I bought recently in Bangkok a Canon lens 135mm f2. I read so much about it on the internet, how good it was, and the photos taken with it seem to confirm that,  that I just had to have one to go with the Canon 24-105mm, the 10-22mm and the 50mm f1.4

I used it a bit in the streets of Bangkok but it is not ideal (see the other blog entry), the fixed 135mm means that you either have to move a lot to get the right picture, not always possible, especially in crowded Bangkok, or you have to do some post-processing (mainly cropping) in order to get a usable photo.

But for portrait, it is perfect, on a 7D  you’ll need to have a bit of distance considering the 1.6x crop factor, but not really a problem as far as portraits are concerned (for me anyway). And if at the right distance, no need of post-processing.

So here are the latest two portrait photos taken with the Canon 135mm f2, the little one is now 6 and when you are 6, you lose your baby teeth, maybe a problem for some but sure not for him. The smile is still readily available, with or without front teeth. Same as before, Thai genes.

Evolution of a Thai Eurasian smile

And here is a portrait photo of his best friend who lost his baby teeth quite long ago (not sure about that, do dogs have baby teeth?) and well, he sure has quite nice canine teeth (this is why they’re called canine teeth I guess).

And after the dog, the cat, not ours, probably a soi cat, hiding from the Bangkok sun, under our car.

The photos shown above were taken in Thailand before summer time, so here is an update on this entry, photos taken in July in Europe.

Here is one of father/grandfather taken when visiting him this summer.  He is 85 years old and looking like The Godfather on this photo, without knowing it, the reason I took the photo actually.

And if the weather was not always that hot this July in Europe, it was hot enough to drink some sangria.

So, in conclusion, I love the Canon lens 135mm f2, either for some close-up portrait or anything else that would require perfect sharpness and clarity.