Safari World in Bangkok – Part 2

I posted quite some time ago a few pictures taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 24-105mm f4 in Safari World in Bangkok. I went there again not long ago but this time with the Canon lens 135mm f2 (and still the Canon 7D). Since you go there to see animals and shows that are quite far away from you, this seems to be a better choice than the 24-105mm.

First part of the visit is going with your car through an open park, where the animals are free to roam. Unfortunately for me, my wife drove so fast through it that I did not really get the chance to take many pictures, or anyway not many worth posting.

Here is a marabou stork cleaning its feathers but if I had any advice to give, it is that  it would be better off cleaning its face

And another bird that did not seem to like being photographed, a pelican.

I did not take any picture of the lions and tigers, they were sleeping and did not really make good subjects, but I took some photos of the zebras.

After the drive through the enclosure with animals, you park your car and go through the zoo where the main attractions are the many shows performed throughout the day. It requires a bit of organisation right from the start of your visit, so that you see as many shows as possible. You usually start with the Marine Park show, i.e. the show with dolphins.

I posted a picture of them in the first entry I made about Safari World, but this is just amazing how high they can jump out of the water, very powerful animals indeed.

From there, if I well remember, it was a run to the Spy Show, a favourite of the children.

Lot of action, with explosions, gun fire, the usual James Bond fare.

And of course, the pretty female spy running

And more impressive, diving from a pretty high height.

And the end of the show, thanking the public

After that, we went to the sea lion show as well as the orangutan show, and doing that you still go through the zoo where you have all kinds of animals, including some crocodiles. Crocodiles with beautiful eyes.

It was the end of the day and I do not have any good photo of the sea lions but I give you a portrait of the Man of the Forest, the orang utan in Indonesian, photo taken at the end of the orangutan show.

It was about 16.30 after that show, and we had to choose in between going to the Cow Boy show or to the feeding platform for the giraffes, the park closing at 5.00 p.m. So by unanimous decision, we went to the platform, nothing beats looking at a giraffe in the eyes.

And kids love giving them food.

5 p.m., time to go.

The last 2 pictures were taken with the Canon lens 24-105mm, I was just too close to the giraffes to be able to use the Canon 135mm f2.