Shopping in Big C on Sunday in Bangkok

If you live in Europe or Australia, you do not shop on Sunday, not that you do not want to do it, you just have no choice, everything is closed on Sunday (although it is getting better these days, some are open on Sunday).

But not so in Thailand, so we actually love shopping on Sunday, the only day when we have nothing to think about, but shopping . So here we are today, going to Big C Rama 4 in Bangkok for buying some food and a few other basic necessities.

We parked the car on the roof, going down with the escalator

 And boys are boys, always running ahead

Taking the trolley and going to the “school” part, pens, pencils and notebooks

But only for a short time, we’re in Thailand after all, and food is key, seafood preferably.

And we sure are not the only ones thinking that

But well, being allergic to it, not really his cup of tea, so resting a bit and playing with balloons we were given in Big C.

Ok I’ll be nice and will help you get your balloon back.

And we walked

And walked

We even saw something called French vodka, do French people produce vodka?

We eventually spent one hour in Big C, 50 minutes of them in the food department but we finally succeeded to convince Mom to check out.

And back to the car, as others

A gloomy day today, no rain but lot of clouds, so here is a photo taken from the parking of Big C on Rama 4, President Park and a few other buildings

Time to go

All photos taken with Canon 7D and Canon lens 24-105mm