Short visit to Singapore

I lived in Singapore for 9 years and I just loved it. Sure you can criticize how “control freak” the government is but it works. And they still prosper although everything was  stacked against them when they separated from Malaysia.

No water, no resources, nothing. … Made Lee Kwan Yew cry at that time. But he made it, and I sure admire him and quite a few other Singaporeans for what they have done with a country that was supposed to have no future.

But well, not the purpose of this thread, went there last weekend and will post a few pictures here.

Well, first picture shows us trying to find the Merlion, in Fullerton Park, did I mention I left Singapore 14 years ago? So we got lost in the MRT…

And we actually had to take a taxi to reach the Merlion

After that we went to the beach, where they have, in some places, some artwork. But well, many ships also that make the artwork not as nice as it deserves to be. On my photo, that is…

On a wave breaker

But do not expect Thai women to go on the beach in bikini, or well, in anything that will show too much skin. To you and the sun…

And of course, we spent quite some time on Orchard Road, where our hotel was, and where the action is, shopping wise.

Here we are, trying to figure out how this compact camera works

And obviously, quite a few people feel alone on Orchard Road, especially this one, she seems to be so stressed that she did not even notice I was taking a picture of her.

And my guess is, she is Thai.