Some Bangkok sport coverage with Canon 7D and Canon lens 24-105mm

If you go through the postings on this blog, you’ll notice that most of the time I’m using the Canon 7D with the Canon lens 24-105mm. For people like me, mainly taking pictures in the streets, I like the versatility, and quality, of the 24-105mm. Being a f4 lens, you need a fair amount of light to be able to get the best results from it, but not really a problem in Thailand, in day time. Too much light most of the day actually.

For the night, as posted just before,  A Walk in Bangkok at Night , I use the 50mm f1.4 and am very happy with it.

I do not really cover sports and hence, do not really take advantage of one of the many features of the Canon 7D, the ability to shoot 8 frames per second, just happy to use all the other features. But well, my son plays sports, as all kids do, so we had the occasion, recently, to take pictures in a football match opposing young kids from the Lycée Français International of Bangkok to young kids for a Thai school.

So here we are, ready to shoot, and ready to play, a bit anxious though, what’s my pulse rate?

And so the match started, running after the ball

Catching the ball and trying to control it

Ooops, the opposition looks pretty big, how are we going to stop them?

Well, it is football, you need to run fast, big does not always help, cheers, we marked a goal

Went a bit downhill after this celebration, was just too hot, so no more football, straight to the swimming pool. And no more action, so we do not use the Canon 24-105mm anymore but the Canon 135mm f2, perfect for portrait from a distance. Relaxing in the pool.

And a bit of help from a cousin for the swimming part.

So, in conclusion, the Canon 7D with Canon lens  24-105mm can indeed help you take sports pictures but:

– You need to be pretty close to the action

– You need quite a bit of light, so no indoors sports