Songkran in Mukdahan – Day two

Second day in Mukdahan, not Songkran yet, it will start tomorrow.

So we went to another temple, to see a monk we have been knowing for quite some time, some pictures of him have been posted before actually.

And as in any Thai temple in the North and North East of Thailand, you always come in contact with the Naka, the King of Naka actually, Thailand is a country where Bhuddism and Animism seem to live in good harmony

And since we are in the country side, we meet animals we never see in Bangkok, besides on our plate, that is.

And if cows are not sacred in Thailand, they sure understand what sacred could be. They always appreciate a Thai wai.

Songkran starts tomorrow, so tomorrow will be the day to check whether the Canon 7D with the Canon lens 24-105mm are really waterproof… 😀