This year, we went to Mukdahan for Songkran, not the first time we did it actually, the place is a lot quieter than Bangkok, a refreshing change from time to time.

Going there means driving for about 700 km, quite an ordeal during Songkran time since lot of people working in Bangkok travel back to their hometown for the Thai New Year. Or you take the plane to Ubon Ratchathani and take a van that will drive you from there to Mukdahan in about two hours, the preferred solution for us. So here we are in the airport, waiting for the Thai Airways flight, and doing what everybody does these days while waiting, being online with the smartphone or the tablet. You really wonder what we were doing in the past, when waiting was just, well, waiting.

Waiting for TG flight to Ubon

thai kids in bangkok airport

In Mukdahan, playing with water is not as wild as it is in Bangkok, a bit more civilized I must add, safer for a little boy of 8 years old. We drove him to a place with not too much traffic but still plenty of action.

Songkran thai kids throwing water

Practicing the killing moves

Songkran eurasian on road

And putting them into practice.

Songkran eurasian throwing water

We also booked a pick-up truck as many do, so that you can drive through the streets of Mukdahan and throw water on everybody close enough to be reached. Loading up the water tank.

Songkran thai kids

And practicing a bit more

songkran eurasian and thai kids

Songkran is not about water only but also about praying. So we went to a temple next to the Mekong river.

Songkran walking to a thai temple next to Mekong

Where we had a bit of fun also

Lot of activities during the day and the temperature was on the high side, so we were quite tired by the end of the day and had very little patience while waiting for food in a restaurant.

Thai Eurasian in Mukdahan restaurant

But well, the charming waitress made us forget it all, and a nice dinner we had.

Thai waitress in Mukdahan restaurant

The pictures were taken with the Canon 6D and the Canon lenses 24-105mm f4, 135mm f2 and 50mm f1.4.