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Bang Saen beach, the closest beach to Bangkok

Bang Saen beach is about the same distance to Bangkok as Pattaya beach is, maybe just a bit closer, 100 km away from Bangkok. And it is a beach only. No other activities than enjoying being on the beach. So I go there from time to time with family. In this hotel usually.

Tide hotel_bang Saen_Thailand

A view from the front of the hotel, facing the beach.

Tide hotel_Bang Saen_Thailand_2

And a view from the balcony , in a gloomy morning that fortunately did not last long. It is the dry season after all.

Tide hotel_Bang Saen_Thailand_3

The hotel was quite empty when we went there recently, we had the swimming pool all for ourselves.

Tide hotel_bang saen_swimming pool_eurasian

And we sure loved it

Tide hotel_bang saen beach_thailand_eurasian

The beach is pretty big but in this season, it is actually pretty small, not much left of it when we were there. And I do not think climate change is that fast acting. We should be back to normal soon.

Bang Saen beach_Thailand

Here are two pictures taken two years ago that show a much bigger beach

Bang Saen beach

Bang Saen beach_Thailand

Activities are available, same as on any beach in Thailand, one of the favourites being the banana boat.

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_banana boat

This is quite a popular beach with Thai people, and the food available there is sure one of the reasons.

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_seafood

You even get your delivery butlers.

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_beach walk

Bang Saen beach_thailand_beach food

Durian season

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_durians

And enjoyed by quite a few

Bang Saen beach-Thailand_durians_2

If you do not want to go the beach, or eat, bicycling is an option. Plenty of bikes available for rent. And the Thai kids love it.

Thai kids on bicycles_bang saen beach_thailand

And the luk kreung loves it also.

Bang saen beach_Thailand_eurasian_bicycle

You can even rent two and three seats bicycles. But I’m not sure texting while pedaling one of them is safe.

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_tandem bicycle_family

Anyway, it sure is fun

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_tandem bicycle_girls

Especially if you’re not the one pedaling…

Bang Saen beach_Thailand_tandem bicycle_girls_2

There is a lot of restaurants where you can go to enjoy seafood in the evening.

bang saen beach_thailand_restaurant

Having a walk on the pier

bang sen beach_Thailand_walking on the jetty_eurasian

There are some fishermen at the end of it every night.

Bang saen beach_Thailand_fisherman

A small fisherman boat on the beach.

Bang Saen beach_thailand_fisherman boat

Once you’re tired of the beach, you can visit some temples in the area, Chinese temples. Quite a few temples in Thailand are surrounded by monkeys as posted before.

Thai monkeys

Soi dogs and Wat monkeys

They also like the lottery.

Chonburi Chinese temple_Thailand_lottery_monkey

Chinese temples can be pretty colourful.

Chonburi Chinese temple_Thailand_eurasian

This one has a view on the Gulf of Thailand

Chonburi chinese temple_thailand_thai flag

A better view of the surroundings.

Chinese temple_chonburi_gulf of thailand

We actually rang all the bells, and It took us quite a bit of time.

Chinese temple_ringing bells_Thailand_eurasian

And not easy when you’re 1.35m high.

Chinese temple_chonburi_eurasian

And before going back to Bangkok, do not forget to make a stop at the fish market, fresh and reasonably cheap.

Chonburi fish market_Thailand

And some interesting characters there.

Fish market_chonburi_thailand

All the pictures were taken with the Canon 6D and the Canon 135mm f2 lens as well as the 24-105mm f4.