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Songkran 2013 in Bangkok

First time that I am in Bangkok for Songkran actually, so I might as well enjoy it. And what I enjoy most is that there is no traffic anymore. Everybody is back to their home in the North or the South.
It really makes you wonder how many people living in Bangkok are actually from Bangkok, my guess is that it is the minority.

Anyway, this is Songkran time, time to enjoy the return of the rain and the water “fights” in the streets.
This morning I went to Lotus on Rama 4 and, on our way back, we went through a small soi at the back of Lotus.

Good choice actually,  a lot of people seemed to have quite a bit of fun in that soi, so I could take some pictures, from the safety of the car 😀

Here they are, waiting for the next target

Bangkok Songkran

And finding it

Bangkok songkran water

At this time of the year, it is not really a good idea to ride a motorbike

Bangkok songkran girls

You cannot really hide on a motorbike

Bangkok songkran mororbike girls

This guy was coming straight at us, not sure what he wanted to do actually. And he did nothing at the end. The doors of the car were closed.

Thai guy soaking wet in Bangkok soi

Better to be Anonymous actually

Songkran Anonymous

All the photos were taken today through the protective windshield of our car with a Canon 7D and a Canon lens 24-105mm

Because, if you ever get out of the car, or venture in the streets without the protection of a windshield, this is how you will look like after a pretty short time.

Thai Eurasian enjoying Songkran

Songkran eurasian

This last one was taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 135mm f2