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Finding a good hairdresser for men in Bangkok

Something you need to do quite regularly in Bangkok is?

Cutting your hairs.

There are at least two reasons for that:

– Bangkok is so hot that having long hairs is pretty uncomfortable

– Bangkok is so hot and humid that hairs grow faster :)

So it is important to find a good hairdresser. But easier said than done. Why? Because the majority of the hairdressers in Thailand were, I think, trained by the army, very skilled with a shaver but very poor cutting skills with scissors. So? Most of them mainly use the shaver…

In Bangkok, we’re luckier, with a bit of research, you can find some hairdressers using scissors more than the shaver, or at least as much as the shaver.

I and my son usually go to the hair salon located in Lotus Rama 4 in Bangkok, where quite a few hairdressers are, with different skills and different preferences.

Here is the one more on the shaving side. A bit worried.

And here is another one taken quite long ago, right, I’ve been worried for a very long time 😀

It seems it will be a shaving session today, it makes some girls in the salon smile but not sure everybody looks happy

Well, nobody smiles anymore, except the one taking the photo 😀

But here is a second trip to the same salon, different hairdresser. One with no hairs, and surprisingly or not, the one who has no hairs uses scissors mainly.

A little apprehensive at the beginning

But it turned out to be quite OK

What do you think, shaver or scissors?

The first set of photos has been taken with the Canon 7D and Canon lens 24-105mm. The second set with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 50mm f1.4