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Portrait of Thai monkeys with Canon 6D and Canon lens 135mm f2

This is not the first time that I post pictures of Thai monkeys, an entry posted long ago even shows a fight in between a Thai monkey and a soi dog in Wat Phranakhonkrit, about 100 km South of Bangkok, in Petchaburi.

Soi dogs and temple monkeys in Thailand

Here is an update on Thai monkeys photography, this time with the Canon 6D and the 135mm f2 lens. This is perfect for taking a portrait of a monkey since you do not really want to get too close to them. Nobody wants to get his camera snatched by a monkey and thrown into the sea, or wherever they feel like throwing it.

These monkeys are not far from Chonburi and Bang Saen beach, so the sea is definitely an option. Open the window of your car, no worries, I won’t steal a thing.

Thai monkey on a car

Thai monkeys have big eyes and big ears, I can even see myself taking the picture in his left eye. Fortunately, their ears are not mirrors.

Thai monkey portrait

Thai monkeys do what everybody does, I guess, you scratch my back and I scratch yours

Thai monkeys on a palissade

I have some advice for you, do not get close to my baby.

Thai monkey with baby

Ooops, I smoked too much again

Thai monkey

Anymore bananas? We can eat them all day long.

Thai monkeys

And we learn about eating bananas from a pretty young age

baby Thai monkey

We do not care, just trying to blend with the surroundings

Thai monkeys with baby

All the pictures were taken next to Chonburi with the Canon 6D and the Canon lens 135mm f2