Tawandang German brewery – Part 2

I recently went to Tawandang on Rama 3 in Bangkok again (see older posting). We were 25 people and this is one of the few entertainment/drinking/eating places where you can easily accomodate a large number of people.

The food and the beer were good, as usual,  I mean better than in many other places in Bangkok (especially the beer) and the show was also pretty entertaining.

All the photos were taken with the Canon 7D and the Canon lens 50mm f1.4. Without flash.

Here are some of the singers lining up on stage

And my favourite one, she has been singing there for quite some time, in English and Thai

And a more recent one

And here is a very small part of the show, with one of the main dancers flying up

And teasing the crowd

And the real fun starts after 11 p.m. when people just can not keep sitting anymore…

Here is their website in case you would want to go there http://www.tawandang.co.th/homet.html