Thai Buddhist monks

95% of  Thai population is Buddhist and my wife is no exception. She therefore visits Wats (temples) pretty often, even sleeping there for short periods of time.

And you also come accross monks pretty often if you walk in the streets in Thailand.

You therefore have plenty of occasions to take some photos of monks, photos that can be pretty colourful or even amusing sometimes. Here are a few ones taken in different parts of the country.

These two photos were taken in Chiang Mai. The first one shows 3 young monks in front of 3 orange telephone booths, lucky shot… and the second one shows two monks praying in Doi Suthep.

The next two photos are of one old monk in Mukdahan province, whom we have been knowing for quite some time. On the first photo, he is praying at his home and on the second one, he is waiting to perform a Buddhist ceremony in our home in Mukdahan.

This one was taken in Samut Songkran, in a well known Wat, where my wife and her auntie got “cleaned up” by the head monk.

And the last one is in the mountains, not too far from Rayong, where my wife goes for some religious retreat from time to time

And well, let’s not forget “our” monk, the one who teaches my wife meditation. And who made me believe there is sure something about meditation that makes some people different. Able to see things others can’t, past or future. Impressive indeed.