Thailand – Canon wide-angle lens EF-S 10-22mm

I use only three lenses with the Canon 7D, and the Canon 450D, 90% of the time it is the 24-105mm f4 L, in the evening the 50mm f1.4, and from time to time the wide-angle EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM

The reason I do not not use it more often is not because it is not an excellent lens, it is, one of the best Canon made for its crop sensor cameras, but because I usually take photos in the streets. And for taking photos in the streets, the 24-105mm is more suitable.

But I use it a lot to take pictures inside the house, with no flash. Sure it opens at 3.5 minimum only, but at 10mm, you sure can shoot at pretty low shutter speed. And at 10 (16mm), you can take full body photos from a pretty close distance. No need of a ladder, just stand up on top of the subject and shoot.

Or on top of the sofa

But it does not mean I take pictures inside only, I also use it outside. For fun sometimes. As for these two photos taken in Mukdahan with the Canon 450 D and the 10-22mm.

Did you ever fight with a Thai cow? Eye to eye

But, of course, I also use it to be able to take photos of buildings or monuments you would not be able to take without the wide-angle lens.

Going to the top of Carrefour Rama 4 in Bangkok

Or Suwannaphum airport in Bangkok

And a floating restaurant on the river River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, photo taken from the bridge

And I use it a bit when I travel, like for this picture taken in Singapore next to the Merlion.

I have plenty more that you will see if you go through the different postings on this blog. In conclusion, even if not used regularly, this is an indispensable addition to your Canon gear (providing you use a crop sensor camera, can’t be used on a full frame camera).