Thailand Land of Smiles – Evolution of a Thai Eurasian smile

Thailand is known as the Land Of Smiles. For good reasons, I think, it is embedded in Thai genes. And Thai Eurasians are no exception.

I was born end of 2005 in Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok. By C section. I do not smile on this first photo but not because I did not want to, I was just sleeping. It actually took me some time to realize that I was born, and to wake up. Was a bit cold though.

A few months later, I have no teeth yet but I can smile. For Thai Parenting magazine.

And close to 1 year old, I still can not walk but I sure can smile

When I got a bit older, another smiling face for  Thai Parenting magazine

And a few years later, I learned to control my smile better

The star smile

The shy smile

The controlled smile

And the genuine smile

And yes the smile is indeed embedded in my Thai genes, coming from my mother

And my Mom again with a friend :  “Birthday Party in Bangkok”  

This post was originally written and posted one year ago but I edited it in June 2012 with this toothless smile, the one you get when you’re 6 years old

More pictures of a Thai smile will sure come later.