Soi dogs and Wat monkeys in Thailand

Thailand is well known for having a lot of dogs, and a lot of small streets, called sois.

And the majority of the dogs are in the streets, i.e. in the sois, hence the name soi dogs. And on islands, where there are more beaches than there are sois, they are on the beach, they could be called beach dogs, I guess.

And well, you can adopt some, if you want to, just pick up a puppy or two from the street. I did it. I have two. Here is one

And if he looks lazy, it is actually deceiving

He is a fighter, how would you survive in the streets without being a fighter?

But what about the monkeys in Thailand?  The soi monkeys? Or I should say the Wat monkeys since they usually stay in Buddhist temples. Here are the ones from Wat Phranakhornkhiri, in Petchaburi, about 100 km South of Bangkok. They also look pretty quiet.

Having a banana

But he is actually looking for some fun

No problem having fun in Thailand, there is always a soi dog available, I mean for a monkey to have fun. What is he looking at?

Boring dog, nothing interesting, let’s get rid of him

Dogs, they’re so easy to get rid off…