Koh Samet beach

I went there again recently since, for me, Koh Samet is one of the nicest island in Thailand, as far as beaches are concerned. And I’m sure not the only one in the family thinking that.

plage_koh samet

Koh samet_eurasian alone on the beach

With the big advantage of being within a two hours drive from Bangkok.

Wong Duean beach on Samet island

Last time we went there, normal slow boats were very cheap and speed boats were very expensive, Baht 50 compared to more than Baht 1,000. These days, the difference is much less, Baht 140 compared to Baht 500 for a round trip.

Ko Samet_boat prices

With the difference that the slow boat brings you to the port and you have to hire a pick-up truck to bring you to the beach you’re going to, while the speed boat brings you straight to your hotel.

Samet_speed boat_beach

So we took the speed boat this time, that you can only board by going through the big boat, no jetty for them.

Koh samet_speed boat

The jetty can actually be pretty full during public holidays and the weekend.

Koh samet_Jetty

It was fun, we were the only one on the boat.

Samet_speed boat

And they sure have the power to bring you to the island pretty fast.

Samet speed boat

Once you’re there, on Wong Duean beach in our case, do not expect a lot of entertainment, you’re there for relaxing and enjoying the beach and the sea.

Koh samet beach_fisbee playing

Samet beach_eurasian_frisbee

Looking for crabs on the beach is pretty fun also.

Girl taking photos on Koh Samet beach

if you’re patient enough, they will eventually come out

Koh Samet beach_crab

The beach is surrounded by rocks on each side but the water is sure crystal clear.

samet beach

Koh samet beach

And rocks can be kind of fun also.

Koh Samet_eurasian on rocks

You feel like you’re on the top of the world.

Samet beach_eurasian on the rocks

And nice rocks actually, trying to get some.

thaieurasian_koh samui beach

The hotel we stayed in was right on the beach, so when you wake up, here is what you see

Samet beach_early morning

And here is what you see in the evening

Samet beach_evening time

One thing that has changed quite a bit in the last few years is the price of food and drinks, they went through a substantial inflation, same as in Bangkok actually.  Everything has to be brought to the island every day. So not really as cheap as it once was, although still pretty reasonable by European standards.

Samet beach_supplies

Supplies come day and night.

Koh samet_supplies

A boat that is used but young Thai kids for playing.

Koh Samet_beach kids

If during the day, the beach is pretty quiet, in the evening, it’s a bit more busy, with people coming out and restaurants setting up tables on the beach.

Koh Samet_beach restaurant

With some pretty small restaurants for the ones on a budget.

Samet beach_small restaurant

When the sun goes down, you walk on a shrinking beach, the high tide making it smaller by the hour. This is also something that seems to get worse year after year, the shrinking of the beach, being in Pattaya, Bang Saen or Koh Samet.

Koh samet_beach_evening_eurasian

And you’re having fish or seafood in the many restaurants, most people anyway but not all…

Samet beach_restaurant_eurasian_pizza

The fire shows start, every evening, quite impressive actually.

samet beach_fire show

samet beach_show with fire

With some fireworks ending it.

Koh Samet beach_fire show

The next day, you’re back on the beach, enjoying the sun.

Samet beach_Thai eurasian

With Mom


And you’re sure not the only one, it did not change much from last time we were there.

Beach girls on Koh Samet beach

Samet beach_beach girls

A few vendors on the beach, but they do not really bother you.

Koh samet_cook on the beach

And some dogs of course, there are dogs everywhere in Thailand. And they usually do not bother you either.

Koh Samet_beach dog

We had a fantastic weather for the 3 days we were there but, on Saturday, the day we were leaving, menacing clouds and rain came to Kok Kamet, the start of the rainy season.

eurasianthai_storm_koh samui

And we left.

Samet beach_storm

But we’ll sure be back.

All the photos were taken with the Canon 6D and the Canon lenses 24-105mm f4, 135mm f2 and 50mm f1.4